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Pietei 7, Horezu Town, Valcea County

Tel.: 0250/860.157
Fax: 0250/860.180

The Administration

The Administration of Buila-Vânturariţa National Parc (BVNP) was established in February 2006.
BVNP is administrated by Romsilva, the National Forestry Administration, according to the contract signed with the Ministry of Environment and Long lasting Development (No. 102710/22.11.2005) (pdf 1), in partnership with the Kogayon Association – an NGO based in Costesti village, Valcea county – as stated in the collaboration protocol No.12466/06.09.2005 (pdf 2)
Personalul Parcului Naţional Buila-Vânturariţa, conform posturilor prevăzute În HG 2151/2004 este următorul:

BVNP’s Staff, according to Governmental Decision 2151/2004:

Ing. Dumitrescu Vladimir - Director

Residence: Rm. Vâlcea City
Born: ???????
Education: ??????
Contact: Tel:?????? Email: ?????

PhD. Florin Stoican - Community relations, ecological education and tourism Manager

Residence: Costești village - Vâlcea County
Born: 14.01.1976
Education: Tourism college diploma (1998), University Diploma in Geology (2004), Master degree in Geology (2005) and PhD student since 2006
Contact: Tel: 0723/071648; Email:

PhD. Monica Huidu - Biologist

Residence: Costești - Vâlcea
Data nașterii: 07.07.1980
Education: University Diploma in Biology (2003), Master degree in Biology (2005), PhD student since 2006
Contact: Tel: 0720/007713; Email:

Marius Popa - IT Specialist

Domiciliu: Costești - Vâlcea
Data nașterii: 21.02.1978
Education: University Diploma in IT (2000), University Diploma in Mathematics (2001), Master degree in Mathematics (2001)
Contact: Tel: 0726/145535; Email:

Elisabeta Boagiu - Accountant

Residence: Slătioara village - Vâlcea County
Born: 22.06.1954
Education: University degree in Economy (1977)
Contact: Email:

Mihai Băncescu - Chief Ranger

Residence: Vaideeni village - Vâlcea County
Born: 13.09.1964
Education: Forestry college diploma (2007)
Contact: Tel: 0748/291034; Email:

Nicolae Tănăsescu - Ranger

Residence: Horezu city - Vâlcea County
Born: 14.07.1972
Education: Forestry University Diploma (1996)
Contact: Tel: 0726/167937; Email:

Georgian Fulgescu - Ranger

Residence: Peșceana village - Vâlcea County
Born: 20.01.1985
Education: Forestry college diploma (2007)
Contact: Tel: 0742/074576; Email:

Viorel Popescu - Ranger

Residence: Rm. Vâlcea City
Born: 22.10.1968
Education: Professional School of Forestry Technicians Diploma
Contact: Tel: 0726/202764; Email:

Fourth Ranger - vacancy

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