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Pietei 7, Horezu Town, Valcea County

Tel.: 0250/860.157
Fax: 0250/860.180

Lodging accomodations

The Cheia Chalet

Location: Cheia Valley, where the Cheia Gorges start.

Access road: Rm. Vâlcea - Cheia village 22 km (15 km on the National Road Rm. Vâlcea - Băile Olăneşti and 7 km on the Provincial Road Cheia Valley – Cheia village); 23 km on the forest road from the Cheia village to the Cheia Chalet

Facilities: 24 lodging places (in rooms with 14, 6 and 4 places), camping space for 20 tents, spring water, outside toilet

Contact/reservations: Ion Dumbrăvescu; Tel.: 0723/279899

Prices: 15 lei/day/person; Camping: 5 lei/day/tent

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