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Climbing areas

Given its alpine character and its karstic relief with specific shapes, the Buila-Vânturariţa Massif offers great conditions for climbing.

The Cheia Gorges area
This is the most famous and the fullest area in the matter of climbing: an intensive campaign of remarking the climbing routes was carried out. There are 76 marked climbing routes here, in 10 different ares:
The Ol─âne┼čti(Folea) Gorges area
Although shorter, these gorges, located in the north-eastern corner of Buila-Vânturariţa Massive, are no less spectacular, especially in the upper side, where the walls are very high and there are waterfalls on the valley.
Bistriţa Gorges area
In the Bistrita Gorges sector there are several marked routes for climbing, in the eastern wall, where river exits from between the limestone walls. Excellent for training and climbing lessons.
Costești Gorges Area
Arnota Area
In 2004 began the marking of a wall on the way from Bistri╚Ťa to Arnota, exposed in the southern part, so that climbing is also possibile in winter.

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