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Pietei 7, Horezu Town, Valcea County

Tel.: 0250/860.157
Fax: 0250/860.180

Members of the Consulting Council are representatives of:

1.The Prefecture of Vâlcea county
2.County Council of Vâlcea
3.Mayoralty of Băile Olăneşti
4.Mayoralty of Costeşti village
5.Mayoralty of Bărbăteşti village
6.Mayoralty of Stoeneşti village
7.Mayoralty of Horezu city
8.The Agency for Environmental protection of Vâlcea county
9.Environmental Guard Vâlcea
10.The “Apele Române” company– Vâlcea
11.“Apele Române” – Horezu
12.The Forestry Direction Rm. Vâlcea
13.Forestry Ward of Romani village
14.Forestry Ward of Rm. Vâlcea city
15.Forestry Ward of Horezu
16.Private Forestry Ward of Buila-Horezu
17.Private Forestry Ward of Valea Lotrului Voineasa
18.Territorial Inspectorate for the Forestry and Hunting Regim Vâlcea
19.The Mosneni Community of Cheia village
20.The Mosneni Community of Bărbăteşti
21.The Mosneni Community of Olăneşti
22.The Association of the Communities of Horezu
23.The Ramnic Bishopric
24.Bistriţa Monastery
25.Arnota Monastery
26.Pătrunsa Monastery
27.Pahomie Hermitage
28.The Vicary of Horezu
29.Costeşti Parish
30.Pietreni Parish 1
31.Pietreni Parish 2
32.Bărbăteşti Parish
33.Cheia Parish
34.Olăneşti Parish
35.School Inspectorate of Vâlcea county
36.Olăneşti Highschool
37.C-tin Brâncoveanu School of Horezu
38.The School of Costeşti
39.The School of Bărbăteşti
40.The School of Bodeşti
41.The School of Cheia
42.The Police of Costeşti
43.The Communal Police of Bărbăteşti
44.The Town Police of Băile Olăneşti
45.Salrom company – Mining exploitation of Rm. Vâlcea – Limestone quarry Bistriţa
46.AJVPS Vâlcea
47.AVPS Horezu
48.Tin Eco Art Association of Horezu
49.Scouts of Romania Organization – local center of Rm. Vâlcea
50.Association of the Horezu Valley
51.Tourism Club Vânturariţa
52.Tourism Club Loviştea
53.Mountain Rescue Public Service Vâlcea
54.Romanian Alpine Club
55.Kogayon Association

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