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Functioning and reponsibilities

Ministerial Order no. 568/2006

Art. 2. The Consulting Council of BVNP works as a consulting organisation of the administrative structure of BVNP, according to its own regulations of functioning and organisation.

Art. 3.The Consulting Council is composed by representatives of the institutions named for this purpose, by the park's administration and agreed by the management of the institutions mentioned in the current order.

Art. 4. BVNP's administration has the obligation to inform the members of the Consulting Council on every problem occurred in the park's administration, in order to express a point of view.

Art. 5. BVNP's administration will enact the rules of the current order

Emergency governmental order no. 57/2007 on the protected natural areas system, conservation of the natural habitats, of flora and wild fauna

Art. 19. (2) Consulting councils of the administration created besides the entitled administrations, formed by representatives of the institutions, economic organisations, non-governmental organisations, authorities and local communities, that own under any title properties, goods or have any interest on the protected natural area's grounds and that are involved and interested in applying the conservation regulations, in the conservation and long lasting development of the region.
(3) The Consulting Councils of administration are organised based on propositions coming from the Administration of the protected area, with approval of the National Agency for Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation.

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