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The climate is levelled vertically, according to the relief shapes, registering differences and even climate switches from peak to peak.

The beech level registers precipitations from 600 to 900 mm/year, reaching even 1000mm/year, a humidity between 68 and 70%, medium annual temperatures from 6 to 90C.

The spruce level registers precipitation between 700 and 900 mm/year, humidity from 67 to 70% (going down along with the altitude), medium annual temperatures of 2 to 50C and most winds blowing from north-west to south-east.

The sub alpine level is characterised by precipitations of over 900 mm/year; medium annual temperatures: 1-20C, a long period when the snow remains unmelted and a short period of vegetative life of the plants.

The influence of the mild climate of Oltenia region is noticeable in the CăpÄƒČ›Ć¢nii Mountains, especially on the southern slopes. There is a pretty obvious difference between the climate of the south-eastern slopes and the north-western ones. The first have a mild climate, with Mediterranean characteristics, due to high sun exposure and to heat being stored by limestone. Besides, at over 1000 m there are much higher temperatures compared to those in the much lower altitude areas, so the vegetation grows more rapidly on these slopes. On the north-western slopes and on deep valleys, temperatures are much lower, the snow stays until late in summer, and the cold climate reaches up to the ridge, often causing switches of the vegetation levels.

The average annual precipitations reach 1200 mm at about 1400 m altitude. In the mountain area the number of rainy days is around 150-160/year. For the summits over 1500 m, the first snows come by the end of October and melt in May. Sometimes, the spots of snow lay down the valleys all throughout the summer.

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