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Monitoring several protected species representative for the Buila-VĂ¢nturariÅ£a National Park
a project implemented by Kogayon Association

Period: August 2007 - November 2008
Beneficiaries: BVNP, pupils from the schools in the vicinity of the park
Financed by: the Administration of the Environment Fund (90%)
Value: 149.519 lei

  • Monitoring of 6 protected species, representative for Buila-VĂ¢nturariÅ£a National Park
  • Getting the children of the local communities to know Buila-VĂ¢nturariÅ£a National Park through ecological education
  • Training program for the staff of Buila-VĂ¢nturariÅ£a National Park
  • Page made by Kogayon Association from
    Environmental Administration Found project

    Page translated by Daniela Sargu & Alan Kerslake