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Pietei 7, Horezu Town, Valcea County

Tel.: 0250/860.157
Fax: 0250/860.180

Acces points

There are 6 access points to Buila-Vânturariţa National Park:

  • 3 from Costeşti village. One on the Bistriţa Valley and two on the Costeşti Valley: Bistriţa, Pietreni-Prislop and Pietreni-Valea Morii.
  • 1 from Bărbăteşti village and on the Otăsău Valley.
  • 1 from Cheia village and on the Cheia Valley.
  • 1 from Băile Olăneşti city, on the Olăneşti Valley.

    There are two access roads to BVNP: National Road 67 Rm. Vâlcea-Târgu Jiu, and county road Rm. Vâlcea-Băile Olăneşti.
    The routes of access on National Road 67 Rm. Vâlcea-Târgu Jiu:
  • 30 Km from Rm. Vâlcea to Bârzeşti village, then to north on Otăsău Valley, 5 km on asphalt road, 3 more km on forest road till the road ends and from there, on a forest trail, you get to Pătrunsa Hermitage within one hour.
  • 38 km from Rm. Vâlcea to Costeşti, then to the north, you can either get to Bistriţa village (7 km on an asphalt road), or to Pietreni village (5 km on an asphalt road and 2 km rocky road).

    On the county road Rm. Vâlcea-Băile Olăneşti, after 15 km there are two different routes to choose from:
  • On the Olăneşti Valley, 6 km to the Băile Olăneşti resort and 14 more km on forest road to Olăneşti Gorges, passing by the forestry chalet Mânzu (7 km);
  • On the Cheia Valley, 7 km from Băile Olăneşti to the Cheia Gorges on asphalt road and then on forest road. After passing the Lezer Hermitage (3 km), there are two possible ways to take: one for the Pahomie Hermitage (8 km), the other for the Cheia chalet (9 km).

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