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Pahomie Hermitage - Cheia

The founding document of the hermitage states that the founders are Pahomie the monk and Sava The Outlaw, in 1520, thus the name of ā€œPahomie Hermitage of the Beautiful Springā€.

According to another founding document, Pahomie is no other than the great Prince Barbu Craiovescu, founder of the Bistriţa Monastery, who during 1519-1520, while rebuilding Bistriţa, he also builds Pahomie Hermitage, in remembrance of the fact that at the Beautiful Spring, in the solitude of the Buila Massif, while looking for the way for Sibiu in the woods, to escape the rage of Mihnea, he and his men found rescue. Among his friends there was capitain Sava, later known as Sava the Outlaw, because, during their stay at the hermitage, he would often go into the nearby villages to get food.

In the present founding document, 1684 is thought to be the year when the hermitage was repaired, the same year when BistriÅ£a Monastery was restored by Constantin BrĆ¢ncoveanu, as a descendant of the Craioveşti family.

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