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P?pu?a Hermitage � Bistri?a

The church was built in 1712, founded by the monks of Bistriţa monastery, with Steven as their abbot. They dedicated it to Saint Gregorythe Decapollite. The painting, dating from the same period, was done on account of some members of the Brâncoveanu family.

In the beginning, there used to be several rooms where the erudite monks of Bistriţa Monastery came to be in peace, but today only the old church was preserved from the old hermitage, located near the village cemetery (the church is presently used as parish church in the Bistriţa village).

The construction plan is rectangular (9.5 x 4.5 m on the outside), with the porch 70 cm pulled more inside, compared to the wall of the nave. It is made of the porch, the nave and the altary. The porch is formed of six columns and two cylindrical semicolumns, with arches in the shape of a semicircle. On the nave there is an octogon shaped tower, with a parallell piped high base. The decorative elements: on the outside there are brick belts, surrounding the church on it base, eave and upper part of the tower.
The painting of the church is from 1712, and was done by painter Joseph and the monk Teodosie.

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