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Pietei 7, Horezu Town, Valcea County

Tel.: 0250/860.157
Fax: 0250/860.180

Lodging accomodations

Ralu & Ello Countryhouse

Location: Pietreni village, Coste┼čti Commune, at 3 km from the center of the commune and 2 km from the entrance in the Buila-V├ónturari┼úa National Park

Access road: Rm. V├ólcea-Coste┼čti 38 km (on National Road 67); National Road 67 - Coste┼čti 1,5 km and 3 km on the Provincial Road Coste┼čti - B─ârb─âte┼čti (asphalt road)

Facilities: 12 places (4 double rooms with batthrooms and a 2-rooms condo with double beds); one kitchen, hot water, bathroom, jacuzzi, TV in each room, TV cable, phone, Internet access, available minibus 8+1 (Mercedes Vito) and driver for transportation

Contact/reservations: Cirstoiu Carmelia; Tel.: 0250/863374 ;0744/377372

Prices: 80-100 lei/day/room - negociable

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