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Public perception of environment in the mountains of Valcea County


The Vâlcea Carpathians are of great value given their scenic attractions combined with specific glacial relief features in the Parâng and rare plant and animal species of Cozia. Complemented by a diverse cultural landscape, with monasteries, vernacular buildings and pastoral traditions, the area offers a uniquely attractive backdrop for a cluster of spa resorts of international standing which make Vˆ lcea one of Romania’s leading tourist regions. Environmental protection is very necessary to regulate private enterprise in the post-communist era, but financial resources and institutions are insufficient at the present time. The paper demonstrates how highly-motivated individuals can play a significant role in advocating a more sustainable future through their own capacities to carry out research and develop personal networks enabling them to extend their influence with the public at large and also with academic and administrative hierarchies. The Romanian author of this paper is one of a number of environmental activists in Vâlcea county who able to promote environmental issues in the absence of effective NGOs.

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