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Pietei 7, Horezu Town, Valcea County

Tel.: 0250/860.157
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Present activities

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Marking the Park's borders
Marking the tourist trails
Meetings of the Scientific and Consultative Council of the Park
Patroling the Park for preventing/punishing illegal hunting
Patrols in the areas with intense tourist circulation
especially during weekends, sometimes together with the Mountain Reascue teams, for the purpose to prevent mountain accidents and reducing the negative impact of mountain tourism.
Cleaning actions
permanently done, in the most circulated areas: Bistri?a Gorges, Prislop Valley, Sc?ri?oara Glade, P?trunsa, Pahomie, Cheia Challet, Curm?tura Builei.
Surveillance/monitoring the park
monitoring the tourist traffic, observing flora/fauna, participating at the events in the park (religious celebrations).
Monitoring/control of the forestry exploitations
patrols and inspections at the timberyards the in the park, and of the loading ramps, to check if the park’s structure and the forestry arrangements are respected and the law isn’t broken.
Ecological education
several ecology education programmes in the schools in the park’s area and in the county.
Public information and awareness
many meetings with the local authorities, local communities, landowners, and land administrations, attending local events, public debates, cultural and religious celebrations. We distributed brochures, flyers and posters with the presentation of the park.
The scientific research is permanent, in collaboration with researchers in the Kogayon Association and, untill now, it was concluded in 2006 by completing the lists of species and habitats on the web page of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Management, in order to designate the Buila-Vânturari?a National Park a Site of Community importance and make it part of the Ecological Network Nature 2000, and also by publishing a series of studies, while others are in progress:
Published papers:
  • MANTA Nicolae (2006) – The premise for a sustainable tourism in the Buila-Vânturari?a National Park area, University Diploma paper, Faculty of Biology, Bucharest University.
  • MU?AT Ana Maria (2006) – Sedimentological analisys of the limestones in Buila – Vânturari?a Massif, paleoambiental reproductions, University Diploma paper, Geology and Geophysics Faculty, University of Bucharest.
  • PANI?OAR? Nicoleta (2006) – Management of the Buila-Vânturari?a National Park, University Diploma paper, Geography Faculty, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest.
  • STAMA Ana Maria (2006) – Environmental changes of the Buila-Vânturari?a Massif in the past 10 years, Mater degree Diploma, Geography Faculty, University of Bucharest.
  • STOICAN, Florin (2006) – Research for the knowledge development on Buila-Vânturari?a National Park geodiversity, The Annuary of the Geological Insitute of Romania, Vol 74, Bucharest.
  • VOINEA Raluca (2006) – Evaluation study of the landscape in the Buila-Vânturari?a National Park, Master degree paper, Geography Faculty, University of Bucharest.
  • VOINEA Raluca (2005) – The Buila-Vanturarita Massif - physical-geographical study, with particular interest in the flora, University Diploma paper, Geography Faculty, University of Bucharest.

Papers in progress:
  • DRAGU Anca – Studies on the subterrainean ecosystems and on the inter-relations with the edafical ones – research study, the Speleology Institute Emil Racovita Bucharest.
  • HUIDU Monica – Ecological Study on the Carabides (Carabidae-Coleoptera) in the Buila-Vânturari?a National Park, PhD. paper, Facultaty of Sciences, University of Pite?ti.
  • STOICAN Florin – Geological study of the carbonate rocks in the Buila-Vânturari?a Massif, a contribution to a deeper knowledge of the geodiversity of Buila-Vânturari?a National Park, PhD paper, Geology and Geophysics Faculty, University of Bucharest.
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