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Pietei 7, Horezu Town, Valcea County

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The specifics of the area, architecture, traditions, customs, handicraft

Tradition, customs and handicraft of the area are in close connection with the localsā€™ main occupations of shepherding, woodcraft and stone craft, fruit-growing and apiculture.
The zone is well-known for its pottery tradition (Horezu pottery), traditional carpets from Oltenia, woodworks, carpentry, traditional clothing and shepherding traditions, traditional dishes and drinks: fruit, plum brandy (ţuică), cheese, honey and other products deriving from it.

The typical architecture of this area consists mainly in wood and stoneworks, as these are the easiest to get in the Northern Oltenia region. The houses are built with a porch in front, beneath wich there usually is the basement. The foundation is usually built in stone and bricked up in mortar, the walls are made of wood and then clayed (bĆ¢rne din lemn tencuite), the roofs are covered in clapboards. Deposits and the shelters for the animals are also wooden.

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